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Genito – Pelvic Pain/ Penetration Disorder

Sexual pain disorder is clinically called Genito Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder and it refers to a condition in which women experience significant pain when expecting or even thinking about penetration. As a result, negative attitudes towards sexual intercourse arise along with vaginal dryness and her body resists toward the “painful” penetration that is going to happen.

There are three categories of sexual pain disorder:

1. Vaginismus:

Vaginismus refers to an involuntary spasm of the muscles surrounding the vagina causing it to close.This condition makes intercourse painful and sometimes impossible (inability to penetrate the penis, fingers or even tampons) even when the woman wants to have sex

2. Dyspareunia:

Pain during or after sexual intercourse, caused by psychological factors (bad relationship with the partner) or medical factors (vaginal dryness, fibroids). The pain may be experienced in the external (vaginitis) or internal genital area (cervicitis) since the beginning of the sexual life (primary) or afterwards (secondary).

3. Vulvodynia:

Vulvodynia refers to a syndrome of chronic pain in the vaginal area (feeling of burning, pain and irritation) located in only one part or the hole area of the vagina. This sensation can be constant or occasional and can happen even when the vagina is being touched.

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